About Agro-Soyuz Projects

In 2006 a Department dealing with project development and implementation was established at Agro-Soyuz Corporation. Since that time the employees of the Department systematized a multi-year experience of Agro-Soyuz, studied the world’s leading experience in the area of resource-saving technologies in crop growing, dairy farming, pig farming and agribusiness management.

In 2010 the Department of project development and implementation was re-organized into a separate enterprise called Agro-Soyuz Project LLC.

Our advantages:

  • Transfer of our own practical experience of agribusiness management and solution of the most common problems emerging in the course of business operation.
  • Application of innovation technologies adapted to domestic standards and tested at model agricultural enterprise Agro-Soyuz and at enterprises of our customers.
  • Preparation and implementation of «turn-key» projects together with a customer; follow-up during all stages;
  • Selection of equipment from efficiency, quality and technological compatibility stand point;
  • Comprehensive approach to establishment and management of an efficient agribusiness.

We have practical experience of working under different climatic conditions in 9 countries.

Our team has successfully conducted the following activities in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania:

  • 100 agricultural projects to implement resource-saving technologies on more than 1,485 million hectares.
  • 150+ practical schools and 250+ master-classes
  • We operate under different climatic conditions of 9 countries.