Agricultural project is a core of agricultural consulting. This is a set of operations aimed at setup of an agribusiness, working through production technologies, development and education of staff and achievement of target indicators and high efficiency.

Farmers often face different situations: some enterprises plan to convert to resource-saving technologies to improve efficiency of their business, while others are already using these technologies, but when comparing their results with the results of leaders they understand that there is still room for improvement.

Both of these groups have a common question: who can provide comprehensive help in solution of their problems and guarantee the result?

We, Agro-Soyuz Projects team declare: an economically sound option to achieve target indicators and allocate responsibility is cooperation with qualified specialists in the area of development and implementation of agricultural projects. These specialists have enough skills to solve production and managerial problems in agribusiness based on systems approach.

Systems approach is a key tool for quick transition to resource-saving technologies and obtaining economical effect from innovations. The specialists of Agro-Soyuz Projects implement this approach when designing the model of development of your business, supporting it during all stages of its implementation and training of personnel. The most important thing is that they take responsibility for the final result.

We offer «turn-key» agricultural projects in agribusiness: