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About 100 farmers visited Exciting No-till workshop

Agro-Soyuz hosted ‘Exciting No-till: theory and practical experience from farmers’ workshop in Dnipro on October 21-22. Despite the complicated situation in the country and in the world, there were about 100 farmers from different regions of Ukraine, Baltic countries and Bulgaria. Several dozens of participants joined us online and asked questions.

Seven no-till practitioners from Ukraine (Eduard Romankov, Elena Dudkina, Sergey Suroviy, Anton Usov, Andrey Chicheta, Aleksander Chumak and Aleksander Kulay) shared their experience on crop production and cover crop use.

Some quotes from the speakers:

“For me the low seeding rate is not about economy, it’s about survival!” - Andrey Chicheta, Nikolayev region.

“We don’t have any piece of bare soil!” - Anton Usov, Dnepropetrovsk region.

“No-Till technology is simple and complex simultaneously... Unlike conventional tillage it doesn’t tolerate many mistakes. What’s important when converting to conservation technology is to talk with people who achieved success through financial and time inputs. We converted to zero very quickly and roughly. This is a flip upside down. We immediately switched to people who were successful: Andrey Chicheta, Vadim Drobitko, Andrey and Anton Usov, Mikhail Draganchuk, etc. We made a lot of mistakes, but we did it! We did not quit, we just corrected our mistakes and watched how others do it”, - Aleksander Kulay, Nikolayev region.

Thank you very much to everybody who joined us during those two days! We appreciate the speakers’ efforts on getting prepared for the event, delivering their presentations and answering dozens of questions! We are grateful to participants who did their best and came over to our place and to those who joined us online! Many thanks to our friends and colleagues for your energy, for sharing your experience and for wonderful memories! See you next time!