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Joint work to improve No-Till performance in Moldova

This February Agro-Soyuz’s team worked in Moldova. We held an individual master-class on Vyacheslav Chorniy’s farm. This farmer has been in No-Till for 12 years (he grows no-till canola, winter wheat and peas, sunflowers and corn). Yet, he needs a fresh look on new ideas and knowledge standardization.

Our leading specialists – Eduard Romankov and Elena Dudkina scouted the fields, assessed his crops and soils, provided recommendations on crop rotation, cover crop selection and discussed various details of the technology.

The soil of our Moldavian colleague – Vyacheslav Chorniy – is structured, features good water holding capacity and high OM content (about 5%). In addition to that it is alive due to activity of mycorhiza fungi. This is the result of continuous No-Till on the fields!

Still there is room for improvement.

Adoption of cover crops in the crop rotation (the mixes have been tailor-made by Agro-Soyuz Projects’ technicians) will adjust soil pH and thus result in yield increase!