Agribusiness management school (workshop)

Agribusiness managementToday, quality of management is a determining success factor in the market. To achieve this, one should master modern and efficient approaches of management. Together we’ll find answers to your questions, discuss and argue as well as talk about experience of solving problems using real enterprises as an example.

The best teacher is experience of the best in class.

Examples of solutions of complex managerial problems are presented at the management workshop called «Problems and opportunities of agricultural enterprises. How to increase profits, improving management». This workshop is conducted by Agro-Soyuz at its own model agricultural enterprise.


Development of competencies of top management in agribusiness management.

Main benefit that participants will take home:

Participants will:

  • Learn efficient tools of agribusiness management;
  • Learn how to forecast effectiveness of made management decisions;
  • Learn specifics of primary accounting system in crop growing;
  • Understand how to build business processes at the enterprise and how to manage their enterprise based on these processes;
  • Learn result-oriented systems of staff motivation.

Design of the program:

Theoretical and practical classes.


Handouts to implement obtained knowledge at your enterprise.


Top managers and project managers of Agro-Soyuz Holding that have practical experience of development and implementation of management system at agricultural enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.

Agro-Soyuz conducted 23 agribusiness management schools, which hosted 356 participants, including:

Ukraine — 163 people

Russia — 174 people

Moldova — 12 people

Belarus — 2 people

Kazakhstan — 5 people

Administrator of the Schools:

тел. моб.:+38 (050) 481-20-43 Elena Dudkina


тел. моб.:+38 (050) 481-07-05 Aleksandr Kotyuk