Turn-key business on crop production

Turn-key business on crop productionSuccessful is a producer who can harvest optimum yield at the least costs.

In order to achieve maximum performance we offer to realize a project to set up and develop a successful crop growing business at your enterprise.

Agricultural project is a work package that is aimed at setting up an agricultural enterprise, testing production technologies, training and development of staff and achievement of target performance indicators at customer’s site.

Technological projects are based on innovation technologies and practical experience of Agro-Soyuz on adaptation and application of the best world practices at own model agricultural enterprise (Ukraine) and at customers’ enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

The aim of the project is to create a successful agribusiness.

This means:

  • Consistent volumes of production
  • High-quality product
  • Easily managed system of production
  • High financial and economical efficiency.

Comprehensive approach to implementation of agricultural projects:

  • Development of a new business model together with a customer;
  • Development of a program to adopt the model;
  • Development of enterprise management system for the business model;
  • Development of a technological solution and selection of equipment;
  • Implementation of the program to adopt a new business model together with the customer; the most important thing here is transfer of Agro-Soyuz’s experience and training of the customer’s personnel.

Stages of the project





Independent objective analysis of the enterprise’s activity;
Determination of potential options and perspectives of development.

  • Collection of production and economical indicators and data;
  • Analysis of existing production processes and available resources;
  • Evaluation of existing buildings and structures;

Modeling and business planning

  • Study of options to optimize existing business processes and implementation of new processes;
  • Vision of business development from year to year;
  • Evaluation of size of investments and their efficiency;
  • Determination of aspects of technology;
  • Development of documentation as substantiation of adoption of selected technological solution.
  • Description of technology;
  • Development of technological maps;
  • Calculation of necessary investment into technical system and production;
  • Calculation of resource requirements;
  • Calculation of production volumes;
  • Calculation of cumulative costs in dynamics;
  • Calculation of cash flow;
  • Description of production risks.

Adoption of technology

  • Adoption of resource-saving technology;
  • Achievement of target indicators;
  • Training of personnel;
  • Set-up process of production and crop growing management (considering breaking of virgin lands into production);
  • Forecasted performance indicators.

Transfer of experience on the following operations:
— Preparation of fields to seeding;
— Seeding;
— Nutrition and chemical protection;
— Harvest.

Setting up of control and accounting system

  • Increase of efficiency of existing business;
  • Increase of manageability;
  • Transparent system of accounting of resources, machinery operation and personnel.  
  • Development and adoption of forms of primary documents;
  • Development of traffic of primary documents and actions of personnel;
  • Training of personnel.

Follow up

  • Consultations on thechnology and management during transition to and adoption of No-Till technology.
  • Multilateral information support.
  • Monitoring and optimization of technological operations and processes;
  • Recommendations on selection of suppliers, use of fertilizers and pesticides;
  • Training of personnel;
  • Control and correction of personnel’s actions.